My name is Jasmine. I like avatar: the last airbender, the legend of korra, divergent, percy jackson, the vampire diaries, and card tricks. Also my otp is korrasami, so back off.


Korra with even shorter hair!


school started again but korra has the same haircut as me now so it’s partially ok


I’m genuinely in love with her bob.


I know she’ll be back stronger than never
and I need her to smile again, smile genuinely. I just need it

Book 4 ———-> October 3rd guys! whaa…?? omfg I’m so excited, I can’t even…


Another Legend of Korra fan art featuring Korra herself. I love her sooooo much! Print available here

Can be viewed on deviant art here.


~~I drew a super special picture for all of the people saying they don’t like Korra with short hair~~*~**


sorry for the lack of art lately! here, take this drawing of my queen <3


Korra Doodles

Despite being an avid fan of long hairstyles,I love Korra’s new look. And yes,there’s  a Rock Lee and New Girl reference.

Hope you like these!

Korra © Nickelodeon

Art © Me


Wellll I’ve come to understand today is my friend Savvyseverine's birthday?? So I drew her up some of her otp which I've come to understand is Tokka??

I’ve never drawn them before (or any atla fanart… for that matter…) BUT ANYWAY, I hope you like it and you have a really happy birthday!!!!


Brand new page previews of Legend of Korra: The Art of the Animated Series Book Two!

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